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nesma mohamed

6 days ago

www.bestcounterfeitmoney.com is a full scam

www.bestcounterfeitmoney.com is fully a scam please be aware of such scammer!!! My friend after many researches selected this site and made an order. They told that his package will arrive 5-8 days. They agreed on percentage prepayment to check the quality of notes. However, after two days the operator of such fucking site, send the tracking number and address link of a post agency named Royal Post Agency (www.royalpostagency.com ). At first glance, you can find easily that it is a fake post agency and you are victim of such company, although they told you that they will send the package with their expertised DHL or FEDEX agent. However, when you enter the tracking number you can find some information on where you package is, but all is lie. However, after two days, the post agency will send an email to you that your package is in your country custom house and you are required to pay the amount of $2000 for custom stamp and city permit as your package is a discreet package and they can not keep your package no longer than 3 days and threaten you that if you do not pay that amount, your information which are on the package will be handed over to the custom police and they will find you as criminal, but all is a lie and they only intend to loot your money. If you do not pay attention to their email and not pay the amount, they will run away and do not answer to your calling, emails and messages in whatsapp and they block you. I want to drag your attention to these points: 1. www.bestcounterfeitmoney.com is a fully scam 2. The www.royalpostagency.com is also a scam run by the www.bestcounterfeitmoney.com 3. Discteet stamp and city permit is a lie 4. The sender is responsible for all expenses and costs for sending the package but they urge you to pay while all they say lie. 5. They do not have any things while they use propagandas. 6. The operator calls him as Mr. Johnson Ali, his number is for Call: +14422245498 and for whatsapp: +447459349762 and their email: sales@bestcounterfeitmoney.com